The Art of Microdosing

Microdosing is the latest buzz word to hit the cannabis marketplace, but let’s break it down in case you’re wondering what the heck it means. Micro, mini, small, tiny, minuscule. Pretty straightforward. Dosing, taking, ingesting, inhaling, consuming…combine the two and you have a recipe for being functional. That’s the major movement happening now for cannabis- the stoner stigma is obsolete, Cheech & Chong had their place and time, but the new industry of marijuana comes with a steady trickle of information and research, mainly on the medical front, but adaptable for the every day user too.

THC Caps make it easy to dose safely

If you suffer from anxiety, sleep issues, need an appetite stimulant or maybe nausea relief taking big pharma day in and day out is a daily dose of destruction for your fragile little liver. But there is a better way- cannabis can be the cure, especially if you fine tune your research and get a strain that is perfect for what ails you. While the tell tale signs of weed smoking (smelling like Otto’s Jacket) can be a dead giveaway, microdosing with edibles means you can take small quantities throughout the day, not enough to impair you, but enough to help you with your condition- a perfect in between for those who need a little something to help them get by, but without getting addicted.

Mini Tropical Dots offer a perfect bop of microdosing, in a controlled amount.

With the impending legalization, we’re literally scratching the surface of what’s possible with weed. It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you’re on, now is the time to get educated and informed, and make the right call for you.

Magic Medicine

Leaf Express fans always ask me what the best strain is for not just getting stoned, but also to cure common ailments. I’m delighted to weigh in on the subject, and while I’m not a doctor, I do enjoy exploring the topic of medicinal marijuana and and it’s variety of cure worthy options.

Harmony is a great daytime bud- energetic and creativity on lock down!

Last time we discussed the basics, CBD vs THC. While science has proven there’s more to marijuana than just these two components, it is a good starting point for people looking to ditch big pharma and opt for a more natural approach. Marijuana has excellent pain relieving properties, kush strains particularly are good for a body buzz, distracting your pain receptors and making you more comfortable, whether your symptoms are temporary or something that you’re dealing with daily. With marijuana you’re not taxing your liver with harsh prescriptions, and since there’s pretty much no way to overdose on weed, it’s really the safest method to treat pain and keep discomfort in check.

White Rhino is your one way ticket to sheet city. Sshhhhh…the rhino is sleeping.

Another way to buck conventional medicine is to kick the sleeping pills to the curb and arm yourself with something that works reliably and safely, our fave strain for sleepies is White Rhino. Another perk of pot? There’s a ton of different ways to ingest the goods, so don’t feel like you need to spark a blunt to see the difference. Vaping, eating, oils, teas, bath salts, even sexual lubricant! has its time and place, so think beyond a little white pill when you’re looking for some relief.

Sativa vs Indica

There’s a lot to know about the medical side of marijuana. A lot of our visitors here have questions about what weed is best for what so we crafted a little cheat sheet. Marijuana in bud form, is either a sativa or an indica, or possibly a hybrid of the two.

Berry is an indica marijuana flower. A good partner for night time and pain relief.

Like any flower or plant on the planet, these flowers are either genetically designed to feature properties from each plant, or, in some cases, pollen from one plant has blown, or bumble bee dusted onto one another, propagating their properties with the female budding plant. While I’m no science expert, I do know mixing qualities from both can create a potent and precise product, which is why doctors have been prescribing marijuana for decades to treat ailments even as severe as epilepsy. Blending the THC from your favourite sativa thrown with some CBD qualities from your other favourite indica can result in a balanced bud that is exactly what you, are looking for. Many advocates of medical marijuana have daytime and nighttime preferences, buds to use for pain, or sleep, anxiety, depression, and wait for it, even sexual purposes, as some flowers have purported influences on your libido. Flowers high in THC amounts will boast more of a mental buzz, that euphoric high coupled with a creative burst. CBD heavy flowers will result in more of a body buzz, usually paired with pain relief and sleepiness too. You can look up most varieties for individual strain information on Leafly.

Harmony is a great day time bud, bursting with energy and creativity.

Your third option is a hybrid, or a blend of both indica and sativa flower strains. Bred to give you the best of both worlds, these blends are super popular, with well known buds like Pineapple Express continually winning awards and the popular vote for consumers.

Pineapple Express was bred to bring fruity notes and a daytime high. Parent strains are Trainwreck & Hawaiian.

Got a question for one of our budtenders? Leave us a note and we’ll holler back!

Understanding Edibles

Edibles are certainly nothing new in the cannabis marketplace. I’ve been making my own butter to smash into brownies and cookies since high school, collecting stems and slowing cooking them down to make weed butter. It stunk up the house, took forever to collect all the stems and was generally a huge mess. I still collect stems though. Sigh.

Leaf Express- Brownie

And while we are working on recipes with The Happy Chef, using keef to blend cookies and brownies with precise doses, other vendors don’t share our baking-is-a-science approach. It’s actually incredibly easy to over-do it on edibles, the slow-acting approach of edibles mean many newbies double down, taking more than they should when the sit-and-wait-approach feels like eternity.

THC Caps

The best method for eating edibles is to GO SLOW. Gummies, candies, THC Caps, whatever you are ingesting, should be done slowly. Don’t be shy to cut a gummie in half, or even quarters if it’s your first time. You can always add more, but you can’t take it away!


Leaf Express- Decarb

Sous Vide Decarboxylation

Sous Vide Decarboxylation

So, you want to make your own edibles, oil or butter?
In order to cook with cannabis you need to find a way to decarb (short form for decarboxylation) it first, which converts the THCA (won’t make you high but has health benefits) into THC, which is what puts you in your happy place.
Frankly, Baking it in the oven stinks so if you live in an apartment, downtown, with neighbours who have noses that they can smell with this is not a great choice. Just because you don’t live on a secluded goat farm in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean you can’t do this discreetly in your urban abode because there is a solution, my friends.

Sous Vide
What is sous vide, you might ask?

Sous vide is French for “under vacuum” and it’s the fancy pants term for cooking things inside vacuum sealed, food grade plastic bags at relatively low, constant temperatures in a water bath.

The sealed bag means it’s virtually odourless and it’s more accurate than baking in a home oven. Reasonably priced Sous Vide Circulators (check Anova and Instant Pot) designed for home use are all over the place now too.

Although Zip Lock freezer bags are great at lower temperature, you are cranking the machine up to 200F so I highly recommend that you upgrade to a vacuum sealer to avoid leaks. I just use a regular old Food Saver from Canadian Tire with generic vacuum sealer bags (you can buy a big roll and cut your own to size or buy pre-cut bags)

Okay, you have your bag sealer, a roll of bags, scissors, a sharpie, a sous vide circulator and and you can use a steel cooking pot or a polycarbonate food grade bin (that you can get on Amazon or in any restaurant supply place) to use as your bathtub.

Step #1

Set up your sous vide  according to the manufacturer’s directions, fill it with hottest tap water and program it for 200F.

TIP: wrapping the bin/pot in a couple tea towels to insulate it, cover the top with some tin foil to keep the heat in for a faster preheat

Step #2

You need a coarse grind so use a mini food processor, a coffee grinder or chop up your weed.
Step #3

Use your sealer to double up (even triple seal if you are a keener) the seals on both sides and the bottom as a safety precaution against leaks due to the higher heat.

Fill the bag with your coarsely ground weed, spread it out in a thin, flat layer and use the sealer to suck the air out and seal up the fourth side of the bag (double seal that as well)

If you are doing more than one kind of weed, use your sharpie to write the name and even the weight of the contents of each bag.

Leaf Express- Decarb

Leaf Express- Decarb

Step #4

When the water comes to temperature, drop in your bag, hit a timer for 1 hour and 40 minutes and walk away.

TIP: because the bags are very light but must stay submerged, some people put a knife in the bottom of the bag  to help weigh it down but I just throw in something heavy that can take the heat – steel bowl, glass canning jars etc.

Step #5

When the time is up, remove the bag and let it cool to room temperature (the CO2 released may cause the bag to swell so don’t panic – that will go down a bit as it all cools)

Open the bag with scissors and proceed with whatever infusion you have planned. The cannabis may be a bit damp but that is from the weed, not a leak.

Leaf Express- Decarb

Leaf Express- Decarb

Stay tuned for recipe ideas for turning that decarbed weed into cocktails, flavoured milk for nighty night tea, dulce de leche, bitters and more.

High Times Box

Put this under our tree

Hanukkah hutch, Santa’s sleigh, the funky festivus pole, whatever you wanna call it, you gotta put something under it. We got the ticket for whatever you’re gifting! While milk + cookies are all but mandatory for the big guy in red (Kool-Aid man) maybe you wanna round out your shopping this year with a little something for everyone, yourself included.

Leaf Express

Whether it’s flower, like our Berry or Silver Tip Haze – both $30 off an ounce, or a little brick of coal, I mean, Mazar i Sharif Black Hash shopping is a cinch when you get your parcels delivered right to your doorstep!

Leaf Express

We also scoped out this sweet little ready to go box of fun courtesy Drake General Store , who wouldn’t love to unwrap this situation?!

High Times Box

Whatever you celebrate, and whatever way you do it, happy everything from Leaf Express!

What You See Is What You Get

Or WYSIWYG, pronounced wizzy-wig, means a lot. It’s a long-ass acronym, for sure, but broken down, it’s a pretty big deal. What you see is what  you get, and that’s our motto at Leaf Express.

We take pride in ensuring our premium products are legit. We source all our flowers + concentrates from the same producer that we’ve been working with for the past decade. We do quality control, making sure that the Pink Kush you ordered from our site is the same kush that lands in your mailbox. We know you’re shopping at Leaf Express because you want a quality cannabis experience, not a bunch of shake in a bag sold to you in a dark alley.

We shoot all our own photography in house so you can be sure that sought out sativa for daytime sessions won’t be replaced with a couch-lock indica. We know that a number of you are counting on us for marijuana for more than just a good time- marijuana is a medicine, and we want you to be confident knowing that your purchases are the real deal.

Got any questions? We got you bud! Email our in-house bud-tender-

Black Friday

Black Friday. Pfffft….Up here in Canadaland, those are two words that just don’t go together. We ate our turkey last month and didn’t need a sale to declare it, but hey, I’m not American so what do I know. But hey, a deal is a deal, and that’s exactly it- a deal. Leaf Express is excited to bring you the best of black. Read on for our top picks for celebrating this Black Friday.

We’re taking a look at our fave products that share that certain shade. Black gold, afghan kush, Phoenix Tears, call it what you want, it’s all gooood.

Phoenix Tears

This distilled beauty is well respected for it’s restorative powers- loaded with powerful CBDs, Phoenix Tears are a celebrated form of medicinal marijuana. Taken orally, the powers are transformative. A little of this black magic goes a long way, so new users should build up and start with smaller doses.

Lips Afghan Hash

Bet on black! Lips Afghan Hash is the real deal, potent and perfect for tossing salads or straight up burning that on a knife (no judgement here bud). Hash is a statement maker.

Bubba Pink Kush Vape Pen

We had to go to the Leaf Express judges on this one, but since the concentrate is black, and the pen is black, well it made the cut. If you’re new to these portable pens, it’s an amazingly easy and discreet method of letting loose. No smell, nothing to charge, just pull and exhale…

Welcome to Leaf Express

Hi. Or is it high? Either way, we’re so excited you’re here.

We here at Leaf Express know a good thing when we see it. And you see, good news travels fast, and word of mouth got us here. We have been supplying cannabis consuming public since 2015. We carry a ridiculous amount of strains and varieties, and we triple check and vet that what we’re saying is what we’re selling.

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